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I have been a client of MapleCare Physiotherapy for over 4 years. During those years, I have benefited from the knowledge and training of their staff. I am a client because of a diagnosis of Parkinson’s and I feel that the weekly treatments have improved my flexibility, coordination and strength. My aim is to continue with my therapist Louise, as I feel that she has taken the time to understand my specific needs. I would not hesitate to recommend MapleCare’s services to anyone who requires the services of a specialized therapist. – Don Bennett

Words cannot capture my appreciation for the care and attention that I received from Mona and her team during my two episodes of mind numbing lower back pains. On both occasions, I walked into her practice almost doubled over in pain and walked out feeling a lot more comfortable. The follow-ups, on both occasions, were designed really well and helped me through gradual but full recovery. I will give five stars to MapleCare on all aspects of my interaction. I have referred them to multiple people in my network and everyone of my referrals has had high praise for their empathy, attention, professionalism and accessibility. – Manu Sharma

I’m a stroke patient, the physiotherapy here is very good and very professional! The physiotherapist here is so nice and helpful! They always try their best to help patients! It’s a good place for stroke rehabilitation! – Tian Wang

When I came to MapleCare I could barely move my neck without pain. After two weeks of therapy with Sanjay, I am pain free and my neck mobility is better than ever. – Tom Hayward

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