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SciFit Recumbent Stepper

SciFit Recumbent Stepper
SciFit Recumbent Stepper

What is the SciFit Recumbent Stepper?
Mimicking the motion of walking, the SciFit Recumbent Stepper is an arm-to-leg movement machine that helps engage muscles that are used for daily activities. Patients with difficulties in walking and overall mobility find this machine extremely helpful. Working all parts of the body, the SciFit Recumbent Stepper helps weaker limbs work through their range of motions.


  • Accommodates all type of clients, including wheelchair users
  • Adjustable arm lengths and rotating hand grips
  • Easy access as the seat is removable and rotatable
  • Improve strength, coordination, stamina and walking speed
  • Cardio impact of a stepper but low risk of pain
  • Comfortable and safe to use and gentle on the joints which makes it a good choice for injury rehab or if someone have physical limitations

What are the main conditions that this equipment can treat?
Suitable to improve strength, coordination, stamina or provide an aerobic workout for patient with many conditions, including:

  • Walking problems
  • Balance problems
  • Stroke
  • Multiple Sclerosis (MS)
  • Parkinson's Disease
  • Ataxia
  • Arthritis, and many others

Is this a common equipment for a physio clinic to have?
As physiotherapists at MapleCare, we would like to help you improve your movement and activity level. Everyone has a different starting point for exercises, so we have different equipment and skills to help you with different ailments.

At MapleCare, we strive to find the solution that supports your individual rehab needs. We have added SciFit Recumbent stepper to our clinic as it might provide you with more treatment options. The stepper has features like an adjustable seat to make it easy to get in and out of the chair, reciprocal motion to get the arm and legs moving in harmony, adjustable arm angles to accommodate limited arm movement.

SciFit Recumbent Stepper is a preferred machine for many physiotherapists. MapleCare is proud to be one of the few clinics in Ottawa that provide specialized treatment with SciFit.

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