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In-home Physiotherapy

MapleCare Physiotherapy provides physiotherapy services in the comfort of your own home. Thisservice benefits patients with difficulty travelling for clinic appointments or those with mobility limitations.

What is In-Home Physiotherapy Service?

In-Home physiotherapy is one-on-one physiotherapy service for patients living in Ottawa and its surrounding area. Our team can treat you in your home, residence home or in long-term care.

Some people may find it inconvenient leaving their house for physiotherapy, which could be due to mobility impairments, neurological conditions, pain, recent surgery or other disease processes.

The in-home physiotherapy service includes an assessment and an individualized treatment plan to help you reach your recovery goals. Your recovery goals could be recovering from an injury, reducing pain, improving your balance, walking or mobility to increase independence and perform the activities you enjoy.

The first session usually begins with an assessment of your current condition to create an individualized program for your recovery. Our physiotherapists will gather your medical history and information about your current problem, health, mobility background and goals as part of the assessment and develop an individualized treatment plan for your needs. Our physiotherapists can use hands-on techniques to assess and treat your condition. We may also bring some pain relief or exercise equipment as needed to help with your physiotherapy needs. We are happy to coordinate the treatment plan with your existing medical team and caregivers during our home visits.

Benefits of In-Home Physiotherapy

By seeing you in your own home, our physiotherapists will be able to better understand the problems that you are experiencing with everyday activities and get a more complete picture of your concerns and mobility during your daily routines. Using this information, our physiotherapists can advise you on activities and exercises to help you regain your independence and increase your quality of life.

Physiotherapy services are covered under most insurance plans. We also provide direct billing for most insurances.

Our in-home physiotherapy services include, but are not limited to:

  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Post-operative rehabilitation
  • Walking and balance assessment and treatment
  • Pain relief due to arthritis or injury
  • Exercises for deconditioning post-hospitalization (with or without equipment)
  • Regaining mobility post-hospitalization
  • Improving strength and mobility issues due to trauma or a chronic disease

Common conditions treated include:

MapleCare Physiotherapy | In-home Physio
MapleCare Physiotherapy | In-home Physio

Why MapleCare?

MapleCare Physiotherapy provides in-home physiotherapy services in the Ottawa area. Our team of expert physiotherapists can treat you in your home, in a residence home or in a long-term care.

Our mission is: To improve the quality of life by providing a responsive healing environment for patients and their families through:

  • Ensuring an unrelenting attention to clinical excellence,
  • Providing patient-focused healthcare that is readily accessible, cost-effective and meets the needs of the communities we serve, and
  • Pursuing improvements in healthcare through research and patient centered innovations.”

At MapleCare Physiotherapy, we understand your unique condition and you can rely on the expertise of our physiotherapists to assist you in your recovery. We have specialized equipment and training to support your recovery as well. Our treatments are customized and aligned with your short-term and long-term functional goals and needs.

  • Experienced and caring physiotherapists
    Our team is dedicated to continuous learning by engaging in effective training to improve our skill sets and understand the latest evidence-based practices.
  • Accessible clinics
    Located in different parts of Ottawa, our three clinics are accessible if you would like to come to the clinic for some sessions.
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