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Anike Vanagas (Physiotherapy Resident)

Anike has recently earned her Bachelors of Physiotherapy from the Lithuanian Sports University in Lithuania where she graduated top of her class. She has interned in Denmark, Malta & Canada. Before this, she attended Brock University where she did her Bachelor of Kinesiology (Honours).

She has a very extensive sports background having been a member of her University’s varsity teams for both rowing and field hockey and had also played competitive ice hockey, basketball and snowboard cross all over North America. With this experience, she has acquired an extensive exercise database which can be used in various treatments for any ability level.

Anike loves learning new things and helping people improve their health. She loves to expand her knowledge by finding and learning new and more effective techniques so that she can better treat her clients now and in the future.

Anike is bilingual in English and Lithuanian. In her spare time, Anike enjoys traveling, board games, playing sports, especially snowboarding in the winter and riding her motorcycle in the summer.

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